Macaw Lodge

Hidden in an area rich in biodiversity, it’s easy to lose yourself in nature here.


Cerros de Turrabares, Central Pacific.

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Macaw Lodge

This area is an oasis of biodiversity, a transition zone between wet and dry forests and with stunning botanical gardens to boot, you won’t be disappointed, Macaw Lodge is the perfect destination for nature lovers, hidden in the beautiful hills of the Cerros de Turrubare. This is more than an eco-lodge, it’s pure and simple paradise. The reserve also houses a farm growing fruit and veg for the hotel, alongside cacao, coffee and mangosteen plantations. The lodge owners are committed to sustainability and are working tirelessly towards being as self-sufficient as possible. The lodge was built with timber from a nearby plantation and processed in their own mill, the bamboo used was from their own plantation and most of the bathrooms were made from locally sourced and polished stone, then the rooms and cabins were finished off with locally carved furniture.

Lose yourself in nature here, take in the sights and sounds around you or tune out completely and mediate or take part in yoga classes. Wonderful meals are provided to sustain you. All of the fruit and vegetables are sourced on the farm, it doesn’t get any fresher, and guests are invited to learn more about the process of farming if they wish. With plenty of trails to explore through the reserve and the gardens, taking in forest and waterfalls, you won’t be bored here, but will really have the opportunity to escape it all and get close to nature.

Why go to Macaw Lodge?

With strong eco-credentials, you know that a stay here is all about nature and giving back to the environment. Built from local, sustainable materials and running on solar power, everything that can be done to leave minimal impact on the surroundings is being done. Over the last 20 years the owners have transformed the landscape from an over-farmed, over-cultivated wasteland to lush, diverse crops, regenerating the land.

Exquisite salads are prepared from hand-picked leaves. The focus in the kitchen is to prepare healthy, tasty and diverse meals from the organic produce grown on the farm – this is ‘farm-to-table’ cuisine in action.

Wildlife around Macaw Lodge

The lodge is surrounded by a tropical botanical garden where there are more than 500 species from around the world. These include ornamental, medicinal and agricultural plants. The 264-acre property features eight acres of cultivated trails. Wander through the bamboo forest, perhaps hike to the waterfall where you can take a refreshing dip. The gardens and forests are a haven for the colourful birdlife, which Costa Rica is known for. It is also home to various smaller beings, that are sometimes overlooked, beautiful butterflies, frogs and toads and you may catch sight of the odd coati running around the grounds too. This is also one of the few remaining areas where the scarlet macaw is seen, surely as good a reason as any to visit.

Macaw Lodge Highlights

  • Lush gardens
  • Close to Carara National Park, home of the macaw
  • Impressive eco credentials
  • Farm to table cuisine
  • Model of self-sufficiency

Macaw Lodge Location

Macaw Lodge


  • 12 rooms
  • Open all year round
  • Children are welcome


  • Restaurant
  • Yoga deck
  • 8 acres of hiking trails
  • Botanical gardens


  • Yoga
  • Birding tours
  • Hiking
  • Tours of the lodges cacao, coffee & mangosteen plantations
  • Guided tours of Carara National Park
  • Beach trips to include kayaking and snorkelling

Macaw Lodge Rooms

There are 8 rooms on the first floor of the main lodge building and a further four cabins located in the grounds housing a total of just 28 guests.

The rooms in the main lodge are accessed by a spiral staircase to a circular landing. Each froom has 2 beds, a ceiling fan and a private bathroom with marble and wood overtones. The water is all solar heated and the towels and sheets are made from bamboo fibre. The screens on the large windows can be opened to allow the cool breeze to flow through.

There are 4 individual wooden cabins located in the grounds surrounded by lush tropical gardens. These offer a greater degree of privacy and are perfect for 2. Each comes with a private deck complete with rocking chairs for relaxing while enjoying the views.

Rana the frog likes this because…

“The lodge works to inspire conservation through sustainable practices. The lodge is completely off grid. Their energy comes from solar power, and water from the natural springs. To reduce the amount of water used they have dual flush toilets and low flow shower heads. LED lights and low voltage ceiling fans reduce the energy requirement. The onsite farm provides fruit, vegetables and mixed crops. They are continuing their work in replenishing the biodiversity of the area by replanting indigenous plants.”

And don’t forget … for every booking we get, Costa Rica Specialists plants trees in deforested areas of latin America through The Travel Forest, and we back The Tribes Foundation’s conservation and social projects.

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