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Costa Rica Reviews

The Costa Rica Specialists parent company, Tribes Travel, has always requested honest feedback from all clients. We post these on the Tribes website, without editing, so you can always find advice from other travellers here. Below are just some of the most recent Costa Rica reviews, which you can read in full on the Tribes Travel website, just by clicking on the reviews below.

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Mr. Peter Wardman
Date of trip: 19/03/2023
"Wonderful wildlife, rainforest and people. "
Mr. David Grant
Date of trip: 07/02/2023
"The holiday was as anticipated and gave us a selection of lodges that were all quite different and which provided a varied view of the country. We deliberately did not stay in the most 'touristy' areas and we were pleased with this decision and the lodge selection"
Paul Devanney
Date of trip: 12/03/2020
"A really interesting itinerary showing a diverse range of regions, landscapes and wildlife in Costa Rica."
Ms. Susan Bushnell
Date of trip: 07/03/2020
"Overall this was good holiday and we really enjoyed the diversity that Costa Rica had to offer. We are quite well travelled and it was unlike anywhere we had been. However, we did have some issues with our travel homewards."
Mr. Andrew Mahon
Date of trip: 05/03/2020
"Action packed and generally well organised. It's a beautiful country with very friendly people. "
Caroline Muir
Date of trip: 29/02/2020
"We have been wanting to go to Costa Rica for a number of years and had very high expectations of our trip. From the moment we contacted Tribes travel Anita was extremely helpful and came up with really great suggestions on hotels, excursions and just generally tailoring the trip to our requirements.The trip was amazing and exceeded our expectations, the hotels suggested by Anita were perfect for us and the entire trip was well organised and really met what we hoped to see and experience."
Ms. Gillian Elliott
Date of trip: 27/02/2020
"We had a fantastic time. Costa Rica is a wonderful destination. All our arrangements for hotels, transfers and excursions went really well with no hiccups. Thank you for making our holiday so perfect."
Mrs. Aelein Messinger
Date of trip: 20/02/2020
"Most amazing holiday I have been on"
Mrs. Denise Brockbank
Date of trip: 06/02/2020
"The transport organisation for both transfers and tours was exceptional. Always on time or early which gave us confidence to relax and enjoy our holiday. Our first visit to Costa Rica and first experience of this style of holiday so we didn't quite know what to expect but we had an amazing time. Talking to other travellers along the way we realised that we were very lucky with the weather on our trip. Travelling from the Caribbean to the Pacific coasts via rainforest and cloudforest gave us a great overview of this amazing country."
Mr. David Redwood
Date of trip: 06/02/2020
"Really enjoyable, and most impressed by the country with it’s amazing diversity of flora and fauna, and very friendly people."
Mr. Andrew Stockham
Date of trip: 04/02/2020
"We had a great holiday and as a result would seriously consider a return to Costa Rica to visit some of the areas we did not get to on this occasion. "
Mrs Patricia Staniforth
Date of trip: 31/01/2020
"Wonderful holiday, loved it. Everything very well organised."
Mrs. Gillian Walshaw
Date of trip: 26/01/2020
"It all worked like clockwork and saw some wonderful sights. The amount of people on each trip was in keeping with the itinerary."
Date of trip: 24/01/2020
"We enjoyed every minute of our trip in Costa Rica. It lived up to and exceeded our expectations and we would recommend it to anyone with an interest or love for nature. We felt it was a very unique and magical place and it has left us with many wonderful memories that we will treasure for years to come."
Mr. David Irving
Date of trip: 23/01/2020
"A really stimulating and memorable experience "
Mrs. Christine Degerdon
Date of trip: 21/01/2020
"Amazing holiday beyond our expectations, very well organised. A fantastic service from Tribes"
Doctor Ian Ground
Date of trip: 21/01/2020
"We loved this trip. It consistently exceeded our expectations, was full of lovely surprises. The itinerary was beautiful paced with plenty of contrasting locations. And of course, the country itself is amazing and beautiful. Overall we felt that the trip was exceptionally good value for money, given the level of accommodation, included tours and the private transfers."
Mr. Alan Payne
Date of trip: 21/01/2020
"We booked because others had been recommended both Tribes and Costa Rica. A wonderful place and memorable holiday. We travelled all over and feel we saw more than we were expecting plus some adventures as well (boat trips were a crazy experience but we loved them)"
Mrs. Mills
Date of trip: 16/01/2020
"We enjoyed the pace and choice of locations. The landscapes and biodiversity of Costa Rica was amazing . We liked the mixture of tours and time to explore on our own"
Heather N
Date of trip: 16/01/2020
"We enjoyed the holiday overall."
Miss. Meradith Graham
Date of trip: 16/01/2020
"Excellent organisation everything ran smoothly. Good variety of locations. Very very special"
Mr. David Jones
Date of trip: 14/01/2020
"Costa Rican people were lovely - genuinely attentive, friendly and helpful. They seemed very conscious that good customer service was crucial for their country's reputation. The only slight downsides were: 1) The weather (very heavy rain on and off for Days 3-6 of the holiday) which meant we had lots of wet clothes and the humidity prevented any drying; and 2) As a result of the unexpectedly wet weather we saw less wildlife than we would probably have otherwise had done - esp sloths in Tortuguero and Arenal"
Doctor Renoo Blindt
Date of trip: 14/01/2020
"Costa Rica was amazing we loved it. One of our best holidays ever. The Costa Rica service partner Tribes work with were excellent. Every transfer was on time. Their organisation was spot on."
Julie GB
Date of trip: 10/01/2020
"I wasn’t expecting the crowds of tourists but discovered it was holiday time in Costa Rica while I was there. Also I found it quite expensive. However, the wild beauty and stunning biodiversity made it worthwhile!"
Doctor Alan Plaice
Date of trip: 02/01/2020
"Although we stayed in 6 different locations in the 2 weeks, we saw a lot of the country, beaches, nature reserves and wildlife and stayed in some fabulous hotels but didn’t feel we were travelling all the time. The pickups for all the transfers and excursions were totally reliable, very efficient meticulous planning and attention to detail."
Alan & Elaine Hales
Date of trip: 31/12/2019
"This is such a special country, such diversity of beauty packed into a space smaller than Scotland. The people are friendly and welcoming and the wildlife/flora is stunning. I liken Costa Rica to be on a par with the undersea World in the Seychelles. The combination of the above ground Costa Rica and the undersea Seychelles is our heaven on Earth. The Costa Ricans beat the Sechellois by a margin as hosts, so well done to them. The difference between the beaches of the Caribbean and the North Pacific is remarkable as is the lowland/highland distinction. Utterly memorable experience which we will treasure for the rest of our lives. I hope our children have an opportunity to go one day and mankind can avoid ruining this special place."
Mrs D King
Date of trip: 28/12/2019
"We fell in love with Costa Rica. Such a diverse country. Everywhere is so clean, the people are welcoming and we felt very safe. It exceed our expectations and we would definitely return to one day. "
Mr. Jonathan Pickworth
Date of trip: 10/12/2019
"We had a wonderful holiday. We saw so much interesting wildlife, often at close quarters, and our accommodations were excellent. All the transportations between hotels and pick-ups for our guided tours were on (or even ahead of) time. The hotel staff, drivers and other people we met were friendly and welcoming. "
Steve Gilbert
Date of trip: 03/12/2019
"We were very unfortunate with the weather in the first 10 days. Huge amounts of rain. It shouldn't have been quite so wet! But the weather at Tamarindo was gorgeous (30 degrees and dry - perhaps too hot for some). The wildlife was incredible - certainly lived up to expectations, and most of the hotels were wonderful. So many outstanding high points that the few negatives did not drag the overall rating down below Excellent."
Date of trip: 03/12/2019
"An extraordinary trip. One that I was VERY excited about before I went (having always dreamed of going) but which exceeded all expectations. I am an avid amateur wildlife photographer with a passion for birds, and Costa Rica was inevitably one of the best locations the planet can offer. But it was obvious that it has so much to offer anyone who wants natural beauty, friendliness, safety and excitement."
Ann Clark
Date of trip: 30/11/2019
"Really well organised and stress free. A brilliant holiday. "
Mr. Martin White
Date of trip: 23/11/2019
"The whole holiday was really enjoyable and the arrangements to get us around Costa Rica were absolutely reliable, always according to the itinerary."
Mr. John Godfrey
Date of trip: 16/11/2019
"The best holiday we have ever had and which far exceeded all of our expectations. Every destination on the tour was like a wonderful mini holiday that all joined together into a most memorable adventure. "
Mr. Neil Symmonds
Date of trip: 12/11/2019
"Costa Rica is a beautiful country, with a very clean environment and amazing scenery. The variety of climates and terrain within a relatively small country is amazing. We thought the Costa Rican people were all friendly, helpful, mostly spoke english ( luckily!) and they take great pride in their country- which is evident by the almost complete lack of rubbish/ litter- fantastic! Their driving and road manners are also good ( which helps)"
Ms. Johanna Simonetti
Date of trip: 16/10/2019
"Costa Rica is an amazing country.The people are very friendly and the scenery is spectacular. "
Mr. D M
Date of trip: 09/10/2019
"The holiday was excellent from start to finish. Everyone in Costa Rica that we met were very friendly. The drivers (shared and private transport) were always on time and communicated well the journey duration details and duration. All of the guides were fantastic and very knowledgeable and willing to spend as much time as required with them."
Miss. Karen Bennett
Date of trip: 21/08/2019
"I think one less day at Monteverde and one more day at Manuel Antonio would of been even better."
Ms Natalia Inglezou
Date of trip: 17/08/2019
"An amazing trip to Costa Rica organized by Tribes and tailored to our needs, interests and holiday duration. "
Mr. Adrian Davies
Date of trip: 17/08/2019
"The great variety of experiences without overly long travel distances. Highlights included turtles and anteaters at Manatus, rafting in Sarapiqui, and dozens of macaws on the beautiful Playa Blanca beach near Carrara."
Mrs. Karen Coe
Date of trip: 14/08/2019
"An absolutely fantastic holiday, perfectly tailored for us and our 17 and 20-year old sons. The perfect balance of activity and 'down time' in a stunning country. All the private and shared transfers worked like clockwork, the hotels and lodges were ideal and we came away with memories - and photographs! - to last a lifetime."
Ms. Lorna Pearson
Date of trip: 14/08/2019
"A perfect holiday for the family (2 daughters aged 17 and 13)."
Mrs. Gemma Warriner
Date of trip: 31/07/2019
"The holiday did live up to our expectations. One of our aims was to see wildlife and we saw plenty throughout our stay. Everything was extremely well organised, with every connection being on time and as arranged. We found the Costa Rican people very friendly and knowledgeable and overall we loved our time there."
Fi Segel
Date of trip: 24/07/2019
"Costa Rica is beautiful and the people we met were friendly and helpful."
Mrs. Sophie Holbrook
Date of trip: 24/07/2019
"A fantastic family holiday destination, everything was very clean and hygienic, people very friendly, lots of great things to see and do. Excellent for teens- keeps them busy with zip wires, whitewater rafting, and waterfalls."
Mrs Anna Few
Date of trip: 13/07/2019
"This has been the best organised adventure holiday! The way the holiday was tailored, organised and delivered was superb!! We loved every single destination, the scenery and wildlife. Even the tropical rain added to the experience..."
Mr. Walsh, London
Date of trip: 10/07/2019
"In the round very good. The best bits exceeded our expectations, but there one or two small things fell below."
Doctor Alison Lee
Date of trip: 07/07/2019
"We were absolutely delighted with our holiday in Costa Rica."
Date of trip: 03/07/2019
"We had a fantastic time! We loved Costa Rica as a country, the food and people were all great. Everyone was extremely welcoming and we are already thinking about going back. It exceeded our expectations! "
Date of trip: 26/06/2019
"Its was amazing. The nature is outstanding. Our son listed all of the species that he had not seen before, over two weeks this was 130. Sitting in the hot tubes at Casa Luna with hummingbirds flying around you, hearing the howler monkeys in the tree. will never forget this holiday. The difference between Casa Luna where you could walk around the grounds at night with a torch and camera following the sound of the frogs, getting amazing photos to the steep grounds of Si Como No with the tree tops in front of your balcony being level with the toucans, spider monkeys etc was amazing. Both excellent places to stay"
Mrs. Karen Blake
Date of trip: 26/06/2019
"Well organised, safe and comfortable. Everything we hoped for from the trip. An amazing experience for us all. "
Miss. Stephanie Mico
Date of trip: 11/05/2019
"It was a fantastic holiday, so easy and the transitions between hotels/car hire was incredibly smooth. The hotels were of a great standard and the service provided in each one was very high."
Mrs. Keren Wheeler
Date of trip: 08/05/2019
"Everything ran like clockwork. From the moment we got through Immigration, Tribes were there, making the whole holiday experience so straight forward."
Mrs. Clare Smalley
Date of trip: 04/05/2019
"Totally lived up to expectations!. "
Ms. Joanne Treadwell
Date of trip: 04/05/2019
"Very well organised holiday & delivered on our expectations. "
Lynn A
Date of trip: 01/05/2019
"Exceeded our expectations."
Mrs Claire Race
Date of trip: 24/04/2019
"We had a wonderful holiday with Tribes! The destinations were varied, interesting with plenty of wildlife and activities to do. We were driving some of the time and the roads were challenging with unmade roads especially around Monteverde. It was all good but we had to allow some more time between lodges!"
Mr. Christopher Ellsum
Date of trip: 20/04/2019
"Our holiday far exceeded our expectations. We expected it to be good but the amount of stunning wildlife and beautiful scenery was amazing."
Mrs. Clare Cobbold
Date of trip: 10/04/2019
"All the arrangements/logistics worked well. We had a fab time, an amazing experience for the kids - just what we wanted."
Mrs. Deborah Passey
Date of trip: 07/04/2019
"Aside from the fact that we chose a great location...the organisation was fantastic. Everything happened when we were told it should were fantastic...activities were brilliant along with the perfect amount of downtime. All in all an amazing holiday."
Mr. Martin Salter
Date of trip: 07/04/2019
"Excellent and well planned holiday. We do like the fly drive concept which gives us the degree of freedom we require"
Mrs. Kim Marshall
Date of trip: 05/04/2019
"Costa Rica lived up to all our expectations and a whole lot more. The country has so much to offer and lots of diversity - rainforest, two different coast lines, volcano, hot springs, wildlife and so so much more. "
Date of trip: 05/04/2019
"A wonderful trip to a beautiful country. I think it was everything we hoped for and more."
R and Y Smith
Date of trip: 03/04/2019
"The arrangements were great and everything went to plan. Their staff were friendly and helpful and the drivers they used for transfers were good."
Mr Stephen Miley
Date of trip: 28/03/2019
"Yes loved the variety of locations, such beautiful environment, the warm welcome everywhere, the expertise of the guides and the variety of different animals and birds. Each property had something different that we valued. "
Mrs. Justine Panay
Date of trip: 23/03/2019
"I had struggled for weeks to find a company to help me build two mini breaks either side of my husband's conference in Costa Rica and Tribes came up trumps."
Mr. Nicholas Tucker
Date of trip: 21/03/2019
"We had a fantastic holiday visiting San Jose, Tortuguero National Park, Arenal Volcano, Monteverde and Playa Potrero. The locals were very friendly, the wildlife and scenery stunning and varied. We felt very safe driving across the county in our 4x4. The holiday exceeded our expectations."
Mrs. Christine Sacre
Date of trip: 19/03/2019
"We felt the holiday provided a really good overview of what Costa Rica had to offer, particularly in terms of wildlife and habitat, which is what we intended. We were very pleased with all the accommodation we chose and the organisation of transfers between various areas was very good. We found the Costa Rican people very friendly."
Mr. Kenneth Webb
Date of trip: 15/03/2019
"It met all our expectations and more for the amount of wildlife and birds we saw and and for the variety in the areas we visited."
Mrs. Lisa Chambers
Date of trip: 14/03/2019
"The holiday was all we hoped for and more. We went for the wildlife and were not disappointed. The accommodation was excellent and the mix of resorts showed us the biodiversity of Costa Rica and made the holiday seem so long!! The timetable was adhered to and we were never let down. A holiday of a lifetime for us both."
Doctor Andrew Wood
Date of trip: 14/03/2019
"We had an altogether fantastic time in Costa Rica. It's a beautiful and very varied country, the local people we met were all very friendly and helpful, its easy to get around."
Mrs. Joanna Hoggard
Date of trip: 12/03/2019
"Very enjoyable, a bit like a tasting menu, 6 locations in you count the capital in different areas of the country which showcased the different habitats very well."
Mrs. Nicola Tallett
Date of trip: 09/03/2019
"Having 4 locations over 2 weeks was great and allowed us to pace the holiday well. Self drive was easy so the car rental gave us good flexibility. "
Mrs. Susan Breslin
Date of trip: 09/03/2019
"Costa Rica was beyond our dreams. I have travelled widely and I knew Costa Rica would be somewhere special but I didn’t realise how special. The country, the people, their ethos. I am hoping to return next year."
Mr. Philip Nash
Date of trip: 07/03/2019
"The trip fully matched my expectations. It was a bespoke trip and arranged fairly late but the accommodation choices were good and all the arrangements worked perfectly. "
Mr. John Hatt
Date of trip: 07/03/2019
"everything was excellently organized by Tribes. No flaw at all. I mark the holiday to be good , rather than excellent, because I did not see any whales, which became the main purpose of my visit. But that was my fault!"
Mr. Peter Cavanagh
Date of trip: 07/03/2019
"The organisation by Tribes before we left and by Swiss travel in Costa Rica was excellent with no hitches . As A first trip to the country the itinerary was a great mix but obviously there are lots of other options should we wish to return "
Frances and Ian Clarke
Date of trip: 07/03/2019
"We loved Costa Rica - a beautiful country, lovely people and great for nature lovers."
r and j
Date of trip: 05/03/2019
"Costa Rica is a beautiful country. This was our first visit and therefore were uncertain as to exactly what to expect. The variety of experiences resulted in a wonderful holiday."
UK Family aged 60/60/26/23
Date of trip: 02/03/2019
"Overall, we all had a wonderful time and yes, it definitely lived up to expectations. Thank you!!"
Ms. Alison Jarvis
Date of trip: 02/03/2019
"Holiday of a lifetime, unable to pick one thing that stands out, it was all fantastic! Everything ran smoothly from start to finish. We met many people on this trip, people going to the same hotels and similar trips, whenever we talked about our experiences ours always seemed to be the best organised, better guides and drivers. Either that's very lucky or tribes really know their stuff!!"
Bridget B
Date of trip: 01/03/2019
"We loved Costa Rica. People are very friendly, the birds are (mostly) stunning and the food is great, and different! We had hoped to see more animals, and orchids in the cloud forest, but maybe the windy weather didn't help. Our private guide was excellent and prepared to adjust the schedule as he found out more about us. We saw only a fraction of this lovely country, maybe have to go back . . ."
Date of trip: 28/02/2019
"The variety of locations in this holiday exceeded my expectations. For a small country the diversity is surprising and impressive."
Mr Kishan Mistry
Date of trip: 28/02/2019
"Fantastic holiday! Once in a lifetime experience. First time using Tribes and everything went as expected and better in some cases."
Mr. Christopher Tyler
Date of trip: 26/02/2019
"It exceeded expectations - all arrangement went like a dream - brilliant trips, wild life guides and accommodation."
Date of trip: 23/02/2019
"Fantastic holiday. Exceed expectations. "
Mrs. Wendy Butcher
Date of trip: 21/02/2019
"We felt our bespoke itinerary perfectly met the needs we had to experience the wonderful diversity of Costa Rica. "
Mrs. Helen Jackson
Date of trip: 19/02/2019
"A wonderful tailor made holiday for our first time in Costa Rica. Each lodge and resort supported different aspects of our interest. All parts lived up to our expectations and aspects exceeded it!"
Janet Smith
Date of trip: 19/02/2019
"A great experience "
Andrew and Diane Wright
Date of trip: 17/02/2019
"Very good"
Ms. Helen Collins
Date of trip: 07/02/2019
"This was our first visit to Costa Rica - we had a wonderful trip - travel and accommodation arrangements were spot on - excellent service from Tribes Travel and the local service provider. "
Date of trip: 07/02/2019
"There were a couple of trips I would not want to do again but otherwise it was as expected"
Mr. Alwin Hutchinson
Date of trip: 05/02/2019
"Great trip, superb holiday, well organised, lived up to expectations, very good value for money. Some minor observations where there is room for improvement. ( but overall very well done Tribes whom we will happily return to for future holidays)"
Mrs. Lesley Wood
Date of trip: 05/02/2019
"We went for the wildlife and it surpassed all expectations!"
Mrs Claire Thomas
Date of trip: 02/02/2019
"Incredible experience in this beautiful country, certainly a trip to remember."
Date of trip: 01/02/2019
"Excellent trip to a great country ..... flora and fauna in abundance with some of it quiet unique; great variety of and choice of accommodation; lovely local people. We took our time and spent just over three weeks in country ... if you have the time and budget its the best way to do it."
Mr. Andrew Robertson
Date of trip: 31/01/2019
"Everything went smoothly and we both really enjoyed seeing Costa Rica. "
Mr. Colin Armstrong
Date of trip: 31/01/2019
"An amazing experience. Every day had something new and interesting. We were never stressed and able to enjoy every minute."
Mr. David Gough
Date of trip: 31/01/2019
"Costa Rica was a great destination but we had some problemswith the ground agents and guiding."
Mrs. Judith Delap
Date of trip: 29/01/2019
"Everything worked well according to the itinerary. No complaints at all. Certainly lived up to our expectations."
Mr. John Wilkins
Date of trip: 29/01/2019
"It was great to see so many parts of the country with different landscapes and variety of flora and fauna especially birds "
Mr. James Roe
Date of trip: 26/01/2019
"All arrangements worked perfectly and were well tailored to our interests and requirements "
Sue Filmer
Date of trip: 24/01/2019
"The holiday far exceeded expectations. Costa Rica was fabulous, and the logistics, organised by Tribes, was perfect - the 3 locations and hotels were superb and all the various pre-organised travel arrangements turned up on time as promised. "
Doctor Peter Eastham
Date of trip: 24/01/2019
"The hotels were all excellent and we would recommend Tribes. Very impressed that every driver was aware of the request for a front seat for my wife."
E Furr
Date of trip: 24/01/2019
"One of my best holidays (and I travel a lot). I now have to spend a few hours(days/weeks!) sorting through my photos trying to establish correct bird names as I became quite passionate about my birding experience. This came as quite a surprise to me as I'm usually more comfortable underwater naming nudibranchs...! But we had such varied holiday experiences, including close encounters with humpback whales and superman style zip-wiring, all of which I loved. "
Mr. Jason Gostling
Date of trip: 22/01/2019
"Exceeded all expecatations"
Brian Samuel
Date of trip: 17/01/2019
"Was exactly what we were expecting and wanted."
Mr. Allan Thomson
Date of trip: 15/01/2019
"We really enjoyed the holiday, particularly the National Parks. We travelled through most of the geographic zones and saw most of the North of the Country from Caribbean to Pacific. The country was lovely and the people were warm and friendly. We enjoyed the guided tours, seeing the animals, birds and reptiles in their particular habitats and learning about them."
Professor Brent Davies
Date of trip: 09/01/2019
"All very good except last location - too long and too uncomfortable."
Doctor John Watkins
Date of trip: 04/01/2019
"The holiday in all respects was first class and often exceeded our expectations. Rory spent a long time tailoring our holiday to our specific requirements for which we are most grateful. "
Doctor Kevin Hurrell
Date of trip: 01/01/2019
"Surpassed expectations. The organisation was faultless...Swiss Travel were excellent and always picked up on time. The transport was always of high quality with very friendly drivers. The venues were varied...exactly what we wanted ...offering a wide range of experiences. "
Mr. Ashley Clarke
Date of trip: 22/12/2018
"It was a fantastic holiday and we loved so much about it - everything ran so smoothly and overall we were incredibly happy"
Mr. Ian Tatman
Date of trip: 06/12/2018
"An amazing & positive destination in so many ways. In fact, too many to list them all out. I've been lucky enough to visit around 40 different countries over the years so far and Costa Rica is possibly my top ever destination for many reasons. With the exception of seeing a Jaguar in the wild which is very unlikely anyway, it delivered everything that I had hoped for, plus so, so much more. Just when you thought that it couldn't get any better, it did. "
Mr. Neil Henson
Date of trip: 04/12/2018
"Overall, the combination of wildlife spotting and changes of scenery, with a few additional trips purchased along the way, and a few days on the beach, was well balanced."
Date of trip: 24/11/2018
"We had a fantastic holiday in Costa Rica. We saw some great areas of the country and the trips selected by the Tribe's representative met our goals of exploring the nature and wildlife in the country."
Mr. Martin Bottrill
Date of trip: 24/11/2018
"Everything worked well. The transfers turned up on time and the local ground handlers went beyond their remit when we contacted them about a lost ring at the previous hotel. The ring was found and then couriered to our next hotel."
Lucy Reed
Date of trip: 24/11/2018
"Really good. Enjoyed every minute of it! "
Mr. Ray Pencavel
Date of trip: 24/11/2018
"This was a wonderful holiday. Flights were fine, and from the first contact with our courier at San Jose airport we felt totally welcome. Throughout the Costa Rican people seemed to welcome us from their hearts (not, as in some places, with our wallet !). The hotels/lodges were comfortable, the guides brilliant, and the co-ordination of transport arrangements a joy to behold. Food was excellent - we have never eaten as much succulent, straight-off-the-tree fruit. Even Costa Rican pineapples purchased in the Uk don't taste quite the same. And that's without even mentioning the exceptional beauty and variety of the country's natural scenery, flora and fauna. A truly exceptional experience."
Elaine & Terry
Date of trip: 15/11/2018
"Right from our transfer from the airport, everything (trips, meals, accommodation) was very well organised and on time. Only one pick-up was slightly late (10 minutes) and we were ‘phoned beforehand. Standards of hygiene were generally high, even in remote areas. The Costa Rican people were very friendly and helpful, with an excellent command of English We enjoyed the variety of places we visited, coming away with clear ideas of where we would like to spend more time. We feel we have only scraped the surface of the huge diversity that Costa Rica has to offer and would love to return. "
Mr. Duncan Harriss
Date of trip: 15/11/2018
"A wonderful country with lovely genuine people and amazing wildlife"
Mrs. Andrea Dawson
Date of trip: 06/11/2018
"We had a lovely time. Really liked Costa Rica and all the different areas. We found Tortuguera part a little disappointing as we did not see as much wildlife as we had hoped for and had expected that area to be the best but the other areas were fantastic. "
Mrs. Sheila Pearcey
Date of trip: 10/10/2018
"From the time we arrived in San Jose until we left we had a wonderful and very interesting holiday. This was our first time in South America and I would definitely recommend Costa Rica. Lots of fun and adventures - we laughed a lot but don't go expecting it to be like home from home."
Stephen Robinson
Date of trip: 10/10/2018
"We would recommend Costa Rica to anyone - it's a wonderful country with diverse geography, flora and fauna of which the Costa Ricans, who themselves are warm, friendly and courteous, are rightly proud. Not one thing went wrong on the holiday - the hotels were fantastic, everything was on time and all tours / arrangements were superb. It all exceeded our expectations. We went in the off season during one of the rainiest months but had plenty of sun and most places were pretty empty so we were lucky to have mostly undivided attention. All in all one of the best, if not the best, holidays we have ever been on. "
Mrs. Karen Butler
Date of trip: 19/08/2018
"Fantastic holiday experiencing everything that Costa Rica has to provide from the wonders of the animals, reptiles, insects, birds different eco systems. The friendliness of the Costa Rican people. The itennary provided us with everything we required."
Mrs. Helen Hallam
Date of trip: 07/08/2018
"All the travel arrangements,accommodation, guides, activities arranged by Tribes were excellent! We had a fantastic time!"
Ms. Susan Keates
Date of trip: 04/08/2018
"Tour timings and accomadation were well suited to our rquirements."
Mrs. Juliet Hanwell
Date of trip: 01/08/2018
"Wonderful wildlife and thrilling adventures."
Mrs. Elizabeth Bellamy
Date of trip: 25/07/2018
"A wonderful holiday, full of variety which exceeded our expectations!"
Date of trip: 25/07/2018
"Costa Rica was amazing, the accommodation and included activities were all great, the Wildlife was superb. So many places exceed expectations, Only disappointment was Evergreen Lodge in Tortugero which was just over commercial and not focused on wildlife, but Tortugero itself was great place. As expected we did encounter some heavy rain, but it we went in July and August, which is the rainy season and we were in the rain forest, it did not cause us an issue :-)"
Ms. Miriam Muzzell
Date of trip: 02/06/2018
"Exceeded our expectations- we had a fantastic time."
Mrs. Jacqueline Green
Date of trip: 26/05/2018
"Amazing country, stunning wildlife, friendliest people, wow! "
Jim King
Date of trip: 19/05/2018
"One of the best holidays my wife and I have been on, thanks to your excellent planning of our itinerary."
Mrs. Julie Booth
Date of trip: 09/05/2018
"It was amazing. Loved the biodiversity and variety of locations. "
Mrs. Anne Mitchell
Date of trip: 02/05/2018
"All guides, staff and accommodation were great. We had high hopes for our holiday and it exceeded our expectations. Pick ups and transfers were smooth and without delay. "
Mrs. Kathryn Campbell
Date of trip: 11/04/2018
"Excellent range of experiences . Wonderful holiday already recommended to friends."
Jon Cable
Date of trip: 11/04/2018
"Overall the holiday gave me a very good insight into Costa Rica and its people. I saw a wide range of wildlife (although the resplendent quetzal eluded me!). "
Mr. Duncan Green
Date of trip: 08/04/2018
"This was a family treat for our 60th birthdays, with kids and their partners, and we all had a fantastic time. A really memorable celebration which will stay with us."
Date of trip: 02/04/2018
"This was a lovely trip, everything worked really well and it enabled us to see many of the different environments within Costa Rica with the different flaura and fauna in each one."
Mrs. Stefanie Gaisser
Date of trip: 02/04/2018
"We went to Costa Rica for 14 days and had an amazing time. "
Date of trip: 31/03/2018
"We had a fantastic time. We had high expectations due to other people’s experience of Costa Rica and these were surpassed. We saw more and experienced more than we thought possible and loved the country and it’s people."
Mr. Martin Burt
Date of trip: 30/03/2018
"Surpassed all of our expectations"
Mr Ian Barthorpe
Date of trip: 28/03/2018
"Yes - and more. Excellent food. Friendly people. Superb wildlife"
Mr. Gary Lewis
Date of trip: 22/03/2018
"We had high expectations of the holiday and it easily exceeded them."
Mr. Vaughan Williams
Date of trip: 17/03/2018
"Paul Cook took on board our wishes and tailored the holiday accordingly. Overall it worked very well for us."
Date of trip: 15/03/2018
"A fabulous introduction to a beautiful country. Never having travelled in the America’s until now, this holiday was an excellent way to see just a very small portion. "
Mr. J R
Date of trip: 10/03/2018
"Our trip was fabulous and fully lived up to our expectations."
Date of trip: 08/03/2018
"All aspects were enjoyable and we would recommmend the trip to others. A good mix of Costa Rica's nature at its best and a relaxing Pacific ocean beachside hotel."
Senior couple from Emsworth, UK
Date of trip: 06/03/2018
"We went to Costa Rica mainly to see the abundance of diverse wildlife / flora and fauna. We did see a lot of different species - though often only through the lens of a powerful bird-spotting telescope. We were confined to well-cordoned tourist trails and most of the birds were very high up in the canopy. We found Monteverde disappointing in this respect. Osa / Corcovado national park on the other hand was just the opposite as the trails were much more 'part of the forest'. We saw an abundance of birds and wildlife at low level and without needing a telescope in both Arenal and Osa."
Matt Pomfret
Date of trip: 03/03/2018
"Awesome place, would recommend to anyone"
Ms. Simone Illger
Date of trip: 03/03/2018
"Once again, Tribes delivered! Everything went exceptionally well, with hotel bookings, flights and transfers. The hotels were all perfect in terms of wheelchair access and accessible bathrooms. Costa Rica is a wonderful country full of exceptionally friendly and welcoming people and the scenery was stunning. The four locations picked out for our trip gave us a real flavour of the culture, variety and geography of the country."
Date of trip: 22/02/2018
"A wonderful country to visit. The programme Tribes put together fitted our wishes exactly and worked perfectly."
Sara and Peter
Date of trip: 20/02/2018
"Just loved the country, the people and the weather - we were lucky in that we only had a couple of rain showers at Arenal Paraiso. It was surprisingly cold in Monteverde but no rain. The people are welcoming, gentle and very happy to help. Not a problem that we did not speak Spanish."
Mrs. Rosemary Banwell
Date of trip: 13/02/2018
"The holiday was well organised by Paul from Costa Rica Holidays at short notice. The holiday was all we expected. "
Ms. Ann Taylor
Date of trip: 10/02/2018
"We had an amazing time, and the experience definitely lived up to our expectations"
Mrs. Julie Jones
Date of trip: 08/02/2018
"You really gave us everything we wanted and so much more. The itinerary was perfect and your colleagues in situ were professional, friendly and above all fun! We were educated on the absolute wonder that is Costa Rica. Everything was perfect and we can’t wait to go back! The icing on the cake was the up grade at Parador Resort it truly was heaven, especially seeing “flash” the lovely sloth on the way to our suites! Totally recommending Tribes to anyone who asks and look forward to you helping us on our next adventure. You’ve helped create memories that will last forever! If I was your boss I’d give you a raise. Thanks for listening to me and making my vision our reality. "
Mr. Andrew Thompson
Date of trip: 06/02/2018
"A memorable, inspiring trip, with great wildlife!An excellent choice of hotels/lodges (thanks Alex) for a first visit to CR – many different habitats and associated varied wildlife, especially birds. Favourite accommodations were Rancho Naturalista and Macaw Lodge, as their smaller set-ups allowed for greater attention to detail and care by the staff. The food at these two was excellent too. Another time, I would definitely stay at these two again..."
Mr. Anthony Conway
Date of trip: 27/01/2018
"Brilliant itinerary, just the right amount of time in each destination."
Nick Ward
Date of trip: 19/01/2018
"Yes it lived up to expectations, Costa Rica is a very ecologically diverse country. It's fascinating and friendly!"
Mr. Bill Stiles
Date of trip: 18/01/2018
"Yes it did. Everything was excellent"
Ms. Antonia Wills
Date of trip: 11/01/2018
"A fantastic holiday that did live up to expectations. All the transfers went like clockwork and were largely private."
Mr Peter Griffiths
Date of trip: 09/01/2018
"Overall it was well organized, with good accommodation, enjoyable transfers and a very varied and interesting sample of what is a great country to visit. Tour groups were always small, which makes the experience much nicer and more informative."
Mrs. Marie-Anne Beere
Date of trip: 04/01/2018
"Perfect celebration of my special birthday. The people, country and hotels all fantastic. We saw 51 species of bird on first day alone! Even the rain was good!"
Ms. Donna Johnson
Date of trip: 23/12/2017
"We had a really wonderful time. "
Mr. John Peter Kerr
Date of trip: 09/12/2017
"Absolutely fabulous holiday. Tracy Edwards certainly know how to plan and execute the perfect trip. Costa Rica amazing Tribes amazing Tracy Edwards amazing Best holiday we have had the privilege to enjoy "
Mr. David Saunders
Date of trip: 28/11/2017
"It was genuinely an amazing trip of a lifetime. The Galapagos Islands were stunning and visiting them in a small group on a lovely yacht was very special."
Mrs. Karen Roem
Date of trip: 25/11/2017
"This was our fifth holiday with Tribes and expectations were high because of our previous excellent experiences with the company. Once again the holiday was superb. Many thanks for making our 25th wedding anniversary a special one!"
Mrs. Liz Moore
Date of trip: 18/11/2017
"We had a wonderful holiday, it lived up to and exceeded all of our expectations. It is a beautiful country and everyone is so friendly Pura Vida - we will be back."
Mrs Ginny Cheeseman
Date of trip: 18/11/2017
"Absolutely loved Costa Rica, a dream come true. Our group of four experienced several different locations and really enjoyed seeing and photographing the abundant animals and plants."
Mr. Michael Benn
Date of trip: 13/09/2017
"It was a truly wonderful stay. Super experience all round. Hire car company: Superb, service, provided a charged emergency phone. We felt safe at all times The satnav was out of date though and we used our phone in the end. Good job we had maps down loaded. We mentioned this to them and they agreed. "
Mrs. Deirdre Devine
Date of trip: 17/08/2017
"We clearly benefitted from your experience and organisation. Every hotel had our booking; every tourbus arrived promptly and came to find us. We were grateful to have the last few days in a beautiful and restful place and were well looked after at all times. We wanted to see exotic flora and fauna in their natural environment and this exceeded our expectations, often due to the expertise of the guides employed by you. The activities you selected for us were just right and appropriate given the heat! Only the elusive waterfall visit fell short of expectations but this was nothing in comparison to the store of wonderful memories we have collected."
Mr. Robert Stopford
Date of trip: 26/07/2017
"Costa Rica offers such a wide variety of things to see and activities so there really is something for everyone. We wanted a holiday which was completely different from the kind of trip we would normally take, and in particular we wanted to expose the children to a new part of the world, and to teach them why it is important to look after our planet. This holiday definitely fulfilled those aims."
Mrs. Sara Smith-Laing
Date of trip: 10/07/2017
"Fantastic well rounded and unforgettable experience. We loved it! "
Mr. Graham Parker
Date of trip: 14/06/2017
"We were well advised by Paul Cook and he listened to our requirements and tailored a trip that more than suited our needs."
Mr. Laurence Boyle
Date of trip: 27/05/2017
"We had a fabulous time and the 5 locations offered something different. This was our first wildlife type of touring holiday and it exceeded our expectations. We saw a lot of the wild life on our wish list many of the animals we had not seen before. This was mostly due to the expertise of the guides. All the Hotels were different, interesting and the Nayara at Arenal and Andaz were exceptional."
Mr. Dyfrig Davies
Date of trip: 26/04/2017
"We had an absolutely amazing holiday. Costa Rica is a lovely country to visit with a wide variety of activities, friendly people, lovely accommodation and so much fantastic wildlife on your door step. The food everywhere was really nice and you can safely drink the tap water. The only change we would have made to our comprehensive schedule is to swap the order of the last two locations. We would have preferred to fly to Casa Corcovado via Drakes Bay and then end the holiday at the Parador Resort in Manuel Antonio. This would have kept the flow of wildlife lodges together and then end in a luxury resort, which still had an amazing amount of wildlife everywhere. We would also have liked to have had another day at each of the locations we visited. "
Ms. Mary Roberts
Date of trip: 26/04/2017
"We really liked not being in large groups although we met some very nice people. It was definitely our sort of holiday having travelled independently it was great to have all the transfers etc. booked and efficiently executed. Thank you Tribes and Pau. Very impressed !!!"
Mr. Raymond Avery
Date of trip: 13/04/2017
"First time we have travelled to Central America and didn't really know what to expect. Have travelled extensively to nature reserves in Europe; although beautiful places lucky to see wildlife. In Costa Rica this was not the case, wildlife in abundance wherever we were and we only saw a fraction of it. In general, the countryside is diverse and breathtaking; the local people we encountered friendly and polite. Excellent holiday and would recommend to anybody with an interest in nature and wildlife."
Ms Clair Cullinan
Date of trip: 01/04/2017
"Costa Rica is an amazing and wonderful place. The holiday was fantastic and organising the trip through Tribes Travel mad the whole experience much more easy as well as relaxing . "
Mrs. Jenni Portman - Mr Bryan Portman
Date of trip: 23/03/2017
"Actually, we hovered between "good" and "excellent" as overall it was excellent, with just one or two hiccups."
Mrs. Susan Richardson
Date of trip: 02/03/2017
"There was an abundance of wildlife, but not to the extent that we had envisaged before our arrival - a view that was shared by a number of other travellers that we met en route. Clearly the Costa Rican Tourist Board are doing a good marketing job!"
Mr. Robert Burnett
Date of trip: 28/02/2017
"Well organised. Everyone was where they were when they should be. Drivers, guides, staff were all unfailingly bright and enthusiastic. We saw some wonderful sights in what is a truly amazing country. Accommodation always excellent."
Mrs. Jackie Morris
Date of trip: 28/02/2017
"This was our first trip to Costa Rica and was to mark our 25th Wedding Anniversary. It was everything we could have wanted, and more. The flights, hotels, staff, transport, weather, tours, scenery, wildlife, food etc were superb. Costa Rica is such a diverse country in terms of scenery - from the Caribbean coast, through the plantations, through the rainforest, mountains and then the Pacific coast."
Doctor Abdi Sanati
Date of trip: 25/02/2017
"The holiday was an unparalleled experience. We are very happy with the experiences we had. "
Mr. Alwin Hutchinson
Date of trip: 23/02/2017
"Costa Rica is a fascinating, vibrant and diverse country, safe too. We look forward to a return trip"
Mr. Garrett O'Hanlon
Date of trip: 21/02/2017
"Very well organised ina complex multi Centre trip."
Ms Cherry Crouch
Date of trip: 21/02/2017
"The lodges and hotels were excellent with excellent service and very helpful staff in each place. We particularly enjoyed Evergreen Lodge in Tortuegero and Cocorvardo Jungle Lodge ( this was our favourite) . The journey by boat up the River Sierpe, through the Mangroves and then along the coast to the lodge made it extra special. The fact that there is no road access made it even better. We were not very impressed by the National Park in Manuel Antonio. It was extremely crowded with large groups being led round. The tranquillity of the environment was spoiled by so many tourists. The Hotel Parador was good but Manuel Antonia itself is a bit too crowded. "
Linda Paterson
Date of trip: 18/02/2017
"Costa Rica is an amazingly diverse country. The different landscapes are all stunning in their own way. From volcanoes, valleys and rainforests to canals, lagoons and oceans - the scenery is impressive. For me, the many opportunities to see wildlife in their natural habitat were the highlight of the trip. Honestly, this holiday totally surpassed my expectations!"
Mr. Paul Roberts
Date of trip: 14/02/2017
"All arrangements were in place and on time, beyond our expectations. The local ground handler was proactive - they called us when the transfer from Alta to Cariblue was held up in traffic - and utterly reliable."
Mrs. Hermione Salwey
Date of trip: 04/02/2017
"We had a lovely time"
Ms. Gail Trotter
Date of trip: 04/02/2017
"This was magnificent. We loved every single minute."
Date of trip: 28/01/2017
"Exceeded our expectations. Just wish we could have stayed for another week to see more of Costa Rica."
Date of trip: 30/12/2016
"We were expecting to see wonderful wildlife, but not everywhere. Seeing coatis at the road side, encountering 2 species of monkey on the track to the local beach and seeing poison dart frogs in the flowerbed at the hotel was really special. The best way to view sloths is definately from the poolside sunlounger ! You don't get a stiff neck and as they move so slowly , you can read a few pages of your book and they won't have gone far when you take another look. The biggest surprise for me was the country and the people. I was expecting "tico time " but found no evidence of it in any of the people that we came into contact with. They were all very efficient and hard working, while being friendly, cheerful, kind and polite. While we only saw a few places, which were quite touristy, everywhere felt safe and the general infrastructure was good. There was very little litter and the ticos seem to be right behind the green agenda."
Joanne O'Hara
Date of trip: 17/10/2016
"I'd always wanted to visit Costa Rica, mainly to see the wildlife, and thought my birthday in October was the perfect excuse to go. Although it is the rainy season on the Pacific side of the country, the Caribbean area (where we stayed) was hot, hot, hot! It was an amazing experience, which has given me a taste for more. "
Mr Adrian Townsend
Date of trip: 08/04/2016
"A really enjoyable holiday with just a few hiccups"
Mr. Andrew Fellows
Date of trip: 20/01/2016
"Exceeded all expectations especially as we had been to Galapagos before."
Annie Mitchell
Date of trip: 28/12/2015
"Costa Rica was definitely one of our best holidays ever. The country is so rich in wildlife and birds we sometimes felt we were in the middle of a David Attenborough programme. The people were friendly and the travel from place to place made easy. It certainly lived up to our expectations and in many ways exceeded them. My only criticism is that we could have done with more time to explore the places we stayed - it sometimes felt a bit rushed but all in all we had a great time. "