Why Costa Rica?

Top 10 reasons to go to Costa Rica on holiday, including combining wildlife viewing with relaxation and adventure activities.

Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica may be small, but there are so many great reasons to visit that it should not be underestimated. This small Central American paradise has a lot packed into a small area. There is plenty to do here to keep you occupied, fascinated and entertained.

Not only that, but Costa Rica caters for all types of traveller – adrenalin junkies, beach enthusiasts, families, active travellers and those with a fascination for flora and faunaCosta Rica has all the bases covered.

A good road network and also scheduled light aircraft routes make it very easy to get from place to place and make the most of your time here. The friendly, laidback locals will always be keen to show you their country.

Top ten reasons to visit Costa Rica


1. Wildlife

Cost Rica is rich in many things, wildlife just happens to be one of them. From mammals, to marine wildlife and exotic birds – Costa Rica has it all.

2. Beaches & Rainforest

This is possibly one of the very few special places on earth where you can experience both rainforest and beach in the same place.



3. Arenal Volcano & Hot Springs, Lake Arenal

The dramatic and imposing sight of the Arenal volcano is the subject of many photographs. It is a perfectly symmetrical cone rising above the town of La Fortuna, providing a mesmerising backdrop.

4. Adrenalin & Adventure

Adrenalin junkies and adventure seekers look no further, there is plenty to choose from in Costa Rica to keep your adrenalin pumping. Zip-lines, white-water rafting, kayaking, tubing…



5. Beaches Galore

With two coastlines to choose from you will be spoilt for choice. Don’t worry if you can’t decide though as Costa Rica’s size makes it easy to visit both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts in one trip.

6. Cloudforest

High altitude cloudforests are teeming with birdlife and different varieties of plants that you won’t find on the lower slopes – this is prime growing ground for beautiful orchids too.



7. Turtles

Bear witness to the magnificent spectacle of adult turtles clambering up the beaches to lay their precious eggs.

8. Whale Watching

A sight to behold, these magnificent giants breaching off the pacific shores on their annual migration, schools of dolphins are also often seen.



9. Fantastic Accommodation

From boutique hotels to rainforest lodges to beach resorts – an amazing variety and choice of accommodation.

10. Coffee or Chocolate?

Two of Costa Rica’s best exports are coffee and chocolate, who doesn’t love one or both?