Costa Rica Coffee & Chocolate

Two of Costa Rica’s finest exports…  

Coffee or Chocolate

Pay a visit to one of the coffee estates in the beautiful countryside.  See how the humble coffee seed grows and is processed and refined to finish up as a hot cup of delicious coffee – some of the best in the world is grown here. You can go for the ultimate coffee experience and stay on a coffee farm.  If coffee is not your thing there are places where you can take a chocolate tour and see how this delectable treat is made from the humble cocoa bean.  Sarapiquí is a popular area for this as there are some excellent chocolate tours here.  Chocolate is enjoyed the world over and this is one of the places where it all starts.  Try it and we are sure you will agree, it’s delicious.

finca-rosa-blanca-coffeeFinca Rosa Blanca

The Finca Rosa Blanca Resort is a coffee farm plantation and luxurious inn that crowns the central valley mountain highlands of Costa Rica. Located only a short distance from the San Jose International Airport, it has long offered eco-travelers a luxurious, sustainable boutique hotel experience.
Finca Rosa Blanca has 30 acres of hard bean coffee which is certified organic by the BCS OKO Garantie, an international organic agriculture certification and is certified sustainable by Rain Forest Alliance and ICAFE, the Costa Rican National Organization for Coffee.



Tirimbina Chocolate Tour

We think this is one of the best chocolate tours on offer in Costa Rica, and what’s more your participation helps the local community.  The 2.5 hour tour will take you to a cacao growing plot where the story begins.  You’ll hear about the development of chocolate from pre-colonial times and of course get to taste it too.  You will know all there is to know about chocolate by the end.  Tirimbina also assists the local community – they are connected to a group of women from the Limón province who have perfected the process of making hand-made organic chocolates, you can purchase these at the centre’s souvenir shop.